Ed Cabral Photography and Aerial Imagery







Ed Cabral

Ed Cabral Photography and Aerial Imagery

Dartmouth, MA


I've always loved creating pictures as a way to capture the moment.

I believe there is no such thing as a perfect life, however I do believe in a perfect moment.

My passion for photography borders on obsession.

I have been passionate about photography my entire life.

I love people. I love animals. I love nature. Oh, what the heck,
I love life!

My goal is to allow you to see and feel what I saw and felt in a special moment. Whether it's a sunset, nature, or a pet or family member.

I love to record Gods blessings in photos for all to enjoy, treasure, and share with others and future generations.

My intention is to always create meaningful images.

However, I take my role as a documentarian very seriously.

Photographs are powerful keepers of our past. They hold the memories of who we were, where we came from and who we loved.

My style of photography offers high quality images.

My photographs have been published in numerous markets, I am a member of IFPO & NPPA.



Quality time... by Ed Cabral


Brotherly Love by Ed Cabral


Sunrise Over New Bedford, by Ed Cabral


Round Hill Radar Demolition by Ed Cabral


Railroad Bridge framing the Bourne Bridge during a sunrise by Ed Cabral


Bourne Bridge, MA by Ed Cabral


River in the snow by Ed Cabral


Lake Noquochoke, Dartmouth, MA by Ed Cabral


Niagara Falls New York by Ed Cabral


Railroad Bridge over the Canal by Ed Cabral


Church Steeple by Ed Cabral


Rainbow over Genesee Beer by Ed Cabral


Keeping America ILLuminated. by Ed Cabral


Niagra Waterfalls by Ed Cabral


Sunrise over New Bedford by Ed Cabral


A sad day. by Ed Cabral


Saint Mary's Church from Above by Ed Cabral